What is the EYES-project?

Welcome to EYES (Empowering Youth through Entrepreneurial Skills). An European project which is all about helping young, unemployed people develop their entrepreneurial skills. Any form of education or training isn’t required. The main thing is that you’re improving your spirit of initiative combined with great entrepreneurship. This will take you one step ahead in the market and will guarantee you with personal success. This is what we’d like to call the EYES-approach.

EYES Tilburg recap video (2019) from Burowerktuig on Vimeo.

About the EYES event Tilburg

During this EYES event we want your help to further develop our digital tool. Do you think the tool is helpful, is the information provided relevant, does the tool navigate easy? We need answers to these questions and you can help us. Don’t worry, you don’t need any specific knowledge beforehand. And of course, work hard, play hard, we provide food & fun as well.

Places to stay

When you join us for the EYES event, you probably want to stay somewhere… get in touch with us, we got good deals with local hotels for you!


And if you can’t get enough…. After the EYES event, there is another event that is interesting for you as well. It is organised by our partner University of Tilburg and they promise a nice gig with it. So stay a bit longer in the Hall of Fame and be surprised.


…and let’s meet in Tilburg

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