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Ontwikkelbaan All round workshop.

Maverick Valves Manufacturing HQ BV is based and located in Tilburg the Netherlands and is a fast track and special Valve Manufacturer specialized in quick delivery time and tough specifications. Within our fully equipped workshop we work with different machines and systems. We produce the most accurate and / or complex components and make valves in all possible dimensions and types for all kind of industrial use.

If you are interest in a technical job within mechanical engineering or industrial area, we offer you to have a view in our ‘kitchen’ with this open ‘ontwikkelbaan’!

The job

With this ‘ontwikkelbaan’ we would like to offer you a possibility to get to know a bit of all our departments in our workshop. In our facility we are able to manufacture, test and paint the product all in house. For this process we have several departments involved, such as the warehouse and assembly department, but also our testing department and our quality control team. Step by step you will get an introduction in our manufacturing process by joining the divers team. You learn the activities in our warehouse including a presentation of our ERP system and
our quality control processes, than there is the opportunity to learn more about our products in our assembly department where we construct our valves. You will be surprised about all the different types and sizes we produce and for sure you may help our assembly department. When you are more familiar with the valves, we would like to show you how are products are tested. We have a well-equipped testing facility in-house and we would like to give you the chance to not only see but also be part of the team and full fill some (easy) testing yourself. Our team will be happy to share their experience and are excited to teach you!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated starters at the labor market, who are eager to learn and open to add valuable work practice to their experience. Preferably a person with in addition with the following qualities:

  You have interest to work in a technical setting
  You are handy and a go-getter, without losing an eye for detail
  You master the English language in word and writing.

What do we offer you?

We offer you a ‘ontwikkelbaan’ in a young and dynamic team and an environment that is constantly evolving. A perfect possibility to develop yourself in a pleasant and international oriented setting.

Your Ontwikkelbaan is almost there…

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